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15 September 2008

source: "Buchhalter" German iTunes Store
"Wirklich total spassig Man macht oder wählt ein foto und dreht bzw zieht es bis zur optimalen Pos. ErFordert biβchen übung im amfang aber geht ab dem 3. Mal ganz gut von der Hand Das ist das erst Review was ich bei einer App schreibe, bis jetzt noch nix vom Höcker gehauen, bis jetz!"

Really total Fun. One makes or selects a photo and turns and/or pulls it up to the optimal pos. requires a little exercise at first, however goes starting from the 3rd time completely well from the hand.  This is the first Review which I wrote, up to now still nothing from the (?Höcker gehauen?), till now!

Mixing Faces on youtube!
11 September 2008

Review on
14 September 2008

"Na alle fooicalculators en zaklampen is het leuk om te zien dat er ook steeds weer vernieuwende applicaties in de App Store verschijnen. Een applicatie als Mixing Faces hebben we nog niet eerder gezien: het idee is goed, de prijs is met 79 cent geen obstakel om het aan te schaffen en het levert in ieder geval een hoop lol op."
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English translation:
Review on, the biggest iphone website in The Netherlands.
"After all calculators and pocket lamps it's nice to see that there are always renewing applications appearing in the App Store. We've never seen an application as Mixing Faces before: the idea is great, the price
($0.99) is no obstacle to buy it and it produces in any case a lot of fun." Kirk Hiner on Mixing Faces
by Kirk Hiner on Sep 12, 2008 at 05:46 PM
"It may be frightening and ungodly in science, but on the iPhone, mixing faces is tremendous fun!"

Chinese describes Mixing Faces...

Mixing Faces是一款十分有趣的软件,能够将不同的脸型混合在一起创造出更有趣的脸型,和Face Melter(变脸)这款软件不同的地方在于不是单纯的扭曲,而是自由合并,充分发挥你的创造力

Babel Fish online translation, translated this for us like this (simplified chinese):

Mixing Faces is a model of very interesting software, can mix the different facial features is creating together more interesting facial features, this model of software different place with Face Melter to lie in is not the pure distortion, but is the free merge, displays your creativity fully